John Wesley Palmerton was born February 5, 1827 in New York State, the son of Marcus and Catherine (Tryon) Palmerton. Sarah Nelson was born May 5, 1831 in Licking County, Ohio, the daughter of James Sr. and Elizabeth (Rose) Nelson. They were married March 14, 1847, when Sarah was 15 years old. Here they pose with their family for this portrait taken in Indiana around 1885. John Wesley Palmerton, an active member of the Church of God, died February 21, 1901. Sarah died June 21, 1908. They were buried at Butler, Indiana.

Top row: Chloe E., b. 1852; Parley H., b. 1856; Marie Addie, b. 1859; George Nelson, b. 1854; Rudance Eliza, b. 1862. Middle row: Hanna Catherine (1848-1923); John Wesley Palmerton; Sarah (Nelson) Palmerton; Marcus D. L., b. 1850. Bottom row: John Wesley Jr., b. 1870; Carrie Dell, b. 1868; Myrtle B., b. 1876; Abraham Lincoln, b. 1866. Following the death of her first husband, Mr. Jennings, Hannah Catherine Palmerton married Edgar A. Squires. They were the parents of Laura Alzina (Squires) Campbell.