Rev. Lawrence D. Havighurst and Hilda (Campbell) Havighurst at Fort Dodge, Iowa, on September 3, 1962. The second of the six children of Emlin V. and Laura Campbell to be married (on October 25, 1925, after Irene in March), Hilda was the first to pass away, succumbing to cancer at Oelwein, Iowa on September 28, 1964. Three weeks before her death she wrote to her sister Katheryn, “We just ‘play it by ear’ and will continue to do so, I guess. What comes, will come, and my dear ones walk on all sides of me with their sustaining kindness, love and prayers, my everlasting help.” Lawrence, a Methodist minister and one-time District Superintendent in Iowa, moved to California where he remarried and, in retirement, pastored several churches. He died January 6, 1985 in Merced, California at the age of 83. His second wife, Novelle, died in 2008. Photo by R. D. Leonard