Alan B. Campbell, Sr. tells his famous “suit joke” at the 25th wedding anniversary celebration for E. Verne Campbell, Jr. and Mary Ruth (Bennett) Campbell in Storm Lake, Iowa, June 1968. Ruth and Rev. Lawrence D. Havighurst look on. Photo provided by Mary Sue Heikes

The “suit joke” went something like this:

A man went to a tailor to have a new suit made. When he picked it up the sleeves were too long, the lapel was not right, the pants were too long, and the jacket was too large.

“Oh, no problem,” said the tailor. “Just hold your chin down, hike the pants up, and hunch your shoulders. Nobody will notice.”

As the was walking down the street an impolite bystander remarked, “You look crazy! Are you deformed? But that sure is a nice suit.”