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With Unveiled Face

Second Edition, Revised
by R. C. Leonard

From the Author's Preface:

A growing number of students of the Bible are coming to accept fulfilled eschatology — the view that the scriptural prophecies of the last days and the coming of Christ were fulfilled in the momentous events of the latter part of the first century. Those who interpret the New Testament this way frequently find themselves in debate with those who retain the opinion that the end-time events are still in the future. Cover Image of 'With Unveiled Face'Members of the fulfilled-eschatology community also vigorously debate one another over matters of interpretation. At times it seems there are as many versions of fulfilled (or preterist) eschatology as there are people who accept it. Perhaps this is because it is still a "grass roots" theological movement, not yet adequately represented by any spokesmen known throughout the larger evangelical community, nor by any prestigious institutions of higher learning. Many Christians have come to the fulfilled-eschatology perspective through their own personal study of the Scriptures, and not because they have read someone else's conclusions. When these people discover one another, it is not surprising that differences of emphasis and interpretation quickly come to the surface.

One of these differences has to do with the relationship of charismatic Christians to the question of fulfilled eschatology. Can one accept the present-day validity of the New Testament spiritual gifts, and still believe that the last days and fulfillment of Christ's coming occurred in the first century of the Christian era? Some say this would be inconsistent; others disagree. I have written this study hoping to contribute to this debate. I also hope that, along the way, some other worthwhile things have been said concerning charismatic worship, fulfilled eschatology and New Testament interpretation in general.

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