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Welcome to Our Web Site.

The Northern Illinois Regional Fellowship is a group of nine churches affiliated with the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference (CCCC). We welcome you to our web site and to our churches. Visit the Northern Illinois Church Directory for locations and worship times, and the Ministries page for a description of the activities of our regional fellowship.

CCCC in Northern Illinois

Our congregations are found in the greater Chicago area and west and southwest as far as Freeport and La Harpe. They range in size from a few dozen members to several hundred. They were founded as long ago as 1833 and as recently as 1932. Each of them will welcome you to their worship gatherings and other ministries.

In addition to the pastors and members of our churches, approximately twenty other persons with standing in the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference make their home in the area covered by the Northern Illinois Fellowship. They serve in several capacities — as pastors or staff members of other churches, directors or staff of Christian organizations, educators, counselors, chaplains, missionaries and active retired.

Who We Are

The Conservative Congregational Christian Conference is a theologically conservative denomination believing strongly in local church self-government under the headship of Christ. It includes churches that are Congregational, Christian, or Evangelical and Reformed in heritage, along with independent community churches.

The CCCC is solidly committed to the basic doctrines of the Christian faith, but allows for diversity in many areas where Bible-believing Christians hold differing interpretations of Scripture. As an evangelical denomination, the CCCC is strongly committed to evangelism and missions. For more information, read our Statement of Faith.

Scope of the CCCC

Approximately 300 local churches across the United States are members of the CCCC, and more than 800 ministers, missionaries, chaplains and other Christian workers hold standing with the Conference. In addition, more than 50 churches belong to our Canadian counterpart, the Congregational Christian Churches in Canada.

The U.S. denominational office is located in Lake Elmo, Minnesota (suburban St. Paul). The CCCC holds an annual Family Conference each July, rotating its location across the nation, and publishes a monthly bulletin called The FORESEE. You can find more about our fellowship on the web site of the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference.

Coming Events

  • July 13-16, 2021 — CCCC Annual Gathering, Warwick, Rhode Island
  • July 24-29, 2022 — CCCC Annual Gathering, Carlsbad, California
Union Church of La Harpe, Illinois

Union Church
La Harpe, Illinois

Zion Church, Freeport, Illinois

Zion Church
Freeport, Illinois

Union Church of Monroe Center, Illinois

Union Church
Monroe Center, Illinois

Peoria Heights Congregational Church, Illinois

Congregational Church
Peoria Heights, Illinois

  St. Paul Church of Epleyanna, Davis, Illinois Seward Congregational Church, Seward, Illinois First Congregational Church, La Moille, Illinois

St. Paul Church of Epleyanna
Davis, Illinois

Seward Congregational Church
Seward, Illinois

First Congregational Church
La Moille, Illinois