Emlin Verne and Laura Squires CAMPBELL

Historic Family Photographs

Emlin Verne Campbell (1875-1932) and Laura Squires Campbell (1878-1953) were originally from Butler, Indiana, but later lived in Chicago. This web site features historic photographs of them and their ancestors, parents and descendents. Emlin and Laura had six children (the last of whom, E. Verne Campbell, Jr., passed away in May 2014) and many grandchildren now residing throughout the United States. And, of course, there are now great- and great-great-grandchildren. This web site is for their interest and enjoyment. Some of the detailed information comes from genealogical research and compilation by the late Alan B. Campbell, Sr. (youngest son of Emlin V. and Laura), who worked tirelessly to record family history. Through his diligent efforts we are able to present Ancestry Charts for Emlin Verne Campbell, Sr. and Laura Alzina Squires.

The Campbell family stays in touch via a "Round Robin" letter. It was started in 1943 when Alan B. Campbell moved to Philadelphia to serve his assignment as a World War II conscientious objector. Because the rest of the family was concentrated in Illinois and Iowa, Alan and his mother Laura Campbell thought a Round Robin letter was a good method to to keep everyone connected. Today the Campbell Round Robin circulates among representatives of succeeding generations of the family.

Click on the thumbnail image below to bring up a full size image. You can also page through the collection sequentially. More photos will be added as they become available and time permits. Birth dates for family members are usually given when the individual first appears, and dates of death at their last appearance or in connection with photos taken at their memorial.

Richard Campbell Leonard, Ph.D.